What's Going On?

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What’s Going On at Wentworth & Van Roberts Place?

You may have noticed something new next to the railroad tracks along Van Roberts Place at Wentworth Avenue. A 30’x100′ storage building has been constructed that will house equipment belonging to the Public Works Department and the Fire Department. Storage-1-300x175

The purpose of the building will be to house existing equipment, tools, and vehicles that are currently stored outside, behind, and around the existing public works garage so they will no longer be exposed to the elements. The building will not be occupied on a regular basis and will not be used to store items that could potentially require access during non-work hours.

For questions about the new building, email Rob Nicolls, Public Works Director, or call him at 513-821-3505.

Gas & Electric Aggregate Update

Gas & Electric Aggregate Program August 2022 Update

The City of Wyoming works with its energy consultant, Energy Alliances, to manage our gas and electric aggregate programs. We have worked closely with Energy Alliances to evaluate our aggregate programs and to provide the best service to residents. One of the main goals of the program is to provide price stability. Prices are locked in for extended periods of time which gives residents protection against future price hikes. We will explain each of the programs separately, our electricity is provided by Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. and our gas will be provided through AEP Energy.


Energy Harbor will be the new electric aggregate service provider beginning with your summer/fall read date. Residents will be receiving a letter in early May outlining the new aggregate rate with Energy Harbor and if you choose, how to opt out of the aggregate program to stay with Duke Energy. Once you receive this notification, if you have questions, please contact Energy Harbor at 1-866-636-3749.


Our gas aggregate program has caused some confusion because our previous contract ended in June 2022. In the spring, Energy Alliances and the City of Wyoming, working together, decided that new contract rates for gas were too high for an extended-term contract. The decision was made to wait until the fall and hope that gas prices would be more favorable for a new, long-term contract. When the contract ended in June 2022 residents were automatically switched back to Duke gas rates. The City and Energy Alliances decided in August 2022 that rates were favorable for a new, two-year contract and the City entered into a contract at $0.839 per Ccf with AEP Energy. Our new rate with AEP Energy will begin with the October 2022 meter-read date. Eligible residents will automatically be switched to AEP Energy in October 2022.

Additional Resources

If you have any questions regarding the community’s aggregation program, you can reach out to Energy Alliances in several ways: