New Resident Information

To most, a sense of community means having a place to belong, having access to community leaders, and developing friendships with neighbors and community members. Life in Wyoming takes the typical sense of community to a heightened level…life in our community is an opportunity to establish deep and genuine relationships with friends and neighbors beyond the passing “hello.” Folks who move to Wyoming are quick to realize that this structure of community creates opportunities to run into neighbors and friends at a variety of events and venues; it is an opportunity to meet others because children are the same age in school; it is where the community comes together for celebrations, concerts, festivals, and holidays; it is where volunteers serve on a board or commission or coach the pee-wee soccer team. Life in Wyoming means feeling connected to each other and having the chance to extend family into the community – Living in Wyoming is a unique and special way of life.

For City Council and our employees, our sense of community is providing the strong services and solid quality of life that make Wyoming a positive and enriching experience. From safety services to public works to water quality, to community development, to varied recreational opportunities, the City of Wyoming is dedicated to protecting and fostering the sense of community that we all value so deeply.

Welcome to Wyoming,
Melissa Monich, Mayor

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Local Utilities

Automobile Registration

Visit Ohio DMV Website for more information and to find the nearest DMV office.

Voter Registration Information

To find out where you vote, visit the Hamilton County Board of Voter Registration Website.  You will type in your address and other information asked for to obtain your voting location.

For information about voting, please contact the Hamilton County Board of Voter Registration at 513-632-7000.

Please note: The City cannot provide you with an absentee ballot nor register you to vote; you must contact the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

New Voter ID Requirements Effective January 2006 – HB234

The Ohio Legislature recently passed Amended Substitute House Bill 3 which requires all voters in the State of Ohio to verify identity before voting a regular ballot. The law generally requires that a voter present a photo id or other document with the voter’s name and current voting address. Acceptable forms of identification include current and valid photo identification, military identification, a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document showing your name and current address. The photo identification must be issued by the United States government or the State of Ohio and must show all of the following: name, current address, photo of the person to who it was issued, and an expiration date that has not passed. For a complete explanation, visit the Secretary of State’s website or call 513-632-7039.

Wyoming City Schools

Enrollment: 2,024

Check Wyoming City Schools.

Library & Post Office



  • Church of Ascension & Holy Trinity (Episcopal)
  • First Church of Christ Scientist
  • Friendship United Methodist Church
  • St. James of the Valley Roman Catholic Church
  • The Presbyterian Church of Wyoming
  • Valley Temple (Reform)
  • Wyoming Baptist Church

Nursery Schools & Day Cares

Check the Nursery Schools and Day Cares

Wyoming Newcomers’ Club

Welcome to the City of Wyoming and the Wyoming Newcomers’ Club. The purpose of the Wyoming Newcomers’ Club is to help others get acquainted with each other and the Wyoming community. Wyoming Newcomers’ is a self-supporting club not tied to any commercial enterprise. We simply are dedicated to learning more about our new hometown, and invite you to join us! We provide a wealth of opportunities throughout the year for you to get to know your neighbors.

Wyoming Newcomers’ Club invites Wyoming residents who have lived in town less than two years. Residents who recently have chosen to stay at home with children or to work from home are also invited to join. You can remain a member for four years. Potential members may attend two meetings before joining the club. Come see what we are all about! New residents receive three complimentary issues of our newsletter, which lists all there is to do. Or, check out the Wyoming NewComers website for the latest happenings, membership dues, activities, and events.