Special Waste Collection Service

Special Pickups can be scheduled with Rumpke

  • Unusually large or heavy items are not picked up as a part of the regular collection service. Arrangements for a “Special Pickup” must be made. This includes unusually large or heavy furniture and appliances.
  • Special yard waste pickup.
  • No upright pianos will be collected, no cast iron bathtubs, no concrete, hazardous materials, and no construction materials will be picked up.
  • Construction material from a homeowner renovation project.

Arrangements for Special Pickups

  • Please note: no special picks for yard waste are conducted from December 1 through March 1.
  • Call Rumpke directly at 1-800-828-8171 to schedule a special pick-up.
  • Rumpke will quote you the cost of the special pick-up charge which is based on the time it takes to pick up your items, generally, you are billed on a per-hour (loading time) basis.

Dumpster Rental

  • A small (4 cubic yard) dumpster is available for rental from Rumpke through the City Building.
  • You can request the small dumpster at the City Building with a payment of $125 (in advance, in the form of cash or a check payable to Rumpke). You will not be placed on the rental schedule until your payment to Rumpke is made at the City Building. There is only one dumpster which is why it is rented on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The dumpster is left on the resident’s property for a week, starting on Monday and running to the following Monday.
  • If you need the dumpster emptied and brought back to you before your initial week is up, you must notify the City by the close of business on Wednesday. Extra dumps and returns can only occur on the Thursday of the week you have the dumpster rented, and there is an additional $125 charge for this extra dump and return.
  • Additional weeks may be requested if no one else is scheduled to receive the dumpster, but each emptying is $125, paid in advance.
  • No concrete can be placed in the dumpster due to the excessive weight and no yard waste is permitted in the dumpster as well.
  • Rumpke reserves the right to cancel dumpster delivery and refund your money if a safe location to place the dumpster at your residence can not be found. Situations like these may include hilly/steep areas on the street where the dumpster may roll unsafely, or private lane/private drives where the truck can not safely access the property. Remember, it is a full-size garbage truck that delivers this dumpster. Some private lanes are too narrow and curvy to access. Please note, blacktop driveways may be damaged by the weight of the truck and/or dumpster and if possible, street delivery may be necessary.
  • Once the dumpster is delivered and you begin to fill it, you must not move the dumpster to a different area of your property to load it. You must load it where Rumpke places it.

Don’t cling to your “trash”

Have you been busy with “spring cleaning”? You do not have to wait to get rid of large items that won’t fit in the trash container. As a first step, see if the item can be reused or recycled: put out a curb alert on NextDoor, post it in the Freebox on Facebook, or check the Hamilton County Recycles website to see if it can be recycled or donated.

No takers? Did you know the City’s contract with Rumpke allows residents to put out one large item per week, subject to some restrictions? The guidelines are posted above. If the item is particularly large or heavy, we recommend calling Rumpke first at 1-800-828-8171. Big items may need two workers to safely load them into the truck. If an item is missed, please call Rumpke before contacting the City.

Why is it better to put things out each week (other than just holding onto them)? The annual Junk Day costs the City an extra $16,000-$18,000 per year. Disposing of items each week avoids this extra cost. Thanks for your help in reducing our costs while supporting environmental sustainability.

Storm Damage Yard Waste Pickup Policy

(adopted September 2015)

If there is a city-wide severe storm that has caused damage to private property throughout the City of Wyoming, the City Manager may make a determination that storm damage should be picked up by the city. Call the City Administration Building or email on the first business day following the storm (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm) at 821-7600 to verify if the determination to collect storm damage has been made. If the decision to collect debris has been made, the Public Works Department will pick up limbs and debris that can be moved from the yard to the tree lawn (the lawn between the sidewalk and the curb or equivalent area). Disposal of entire trees is not permitted. Yard waste and debris will be picked up beginning the first Monday, following the storm. If the storm occurs on a weekend, the pickup will begin one week from the first Monday. Public Works will make one pickup per household. You must have your debris at the curb by the first collection date in order to be assured your debris will be collected. If you do not have your debris placed at the curb by the pickup date, disposal of limbs and brush must be done through Rumpke on regular trash pick-up days (following yard waste collection guidelines).

Yard Waste Drop off Program

(Contact the locations directly for their operating schedules)


Bzak Landscaping
3295 Turpin Lane (off Route 32)
Anderson Township
Open 7:30 am to 5 pm on weekdays
Open 11:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday

Kuliga Park
6717 Bridgetown Road
Green Township
Open Saturday and Sunday only
11:30 am to 5 pm

Rumpke Sanitary Landfill
3800 Strubel Road (at Colerain Avenue)
Colerain Township
Open Saturday and Sunday only
11:30 am to 5 pm


Free to Hamilton County residents only. Please bring proof of residency such as a driver’s license or utility bill. Landscapers and commercial establishments are not eligible to participate in this program. No large trailers or trucks larger than pickups. No branches or brush larger than 4 feet in length or 1 foot in diameter. Bundle brush and tree branches with a material such as twine. Bundles must not be heavier than 50 pounds. Containers will be returned. Brown paper bags are preferred. No pallets, boards, nails, fences, or wires are accepted. No bricks, stones, or soil are accepted. All children must stay inside vehicles.

Computer & TV Recycling Drop Off

The Hamilton County-sponsored Computer and TV Recycling Drop-Off program officially closed in 2013. This program will not resume until further notice. There are individual one-day recycling events in various communities. Visit the Hamilton County Recycles website to be directed to a list of locations to take these items as well as residential electronic items.