Snow & Ice Removal

The City of Wyoming’s goal is to make all City streets safe for motorists as soon as possible.

During heavy snowfalls, crews will salt and plow continuously beginning with primary streets and proceeding to secondary streets. The first priority in a major snowstorm will be to maintain the major thoroughfares to assure emergency services such as police, ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency equipment are able to respond when called.

When snowfalls are predicted it is requested that you do not park in the street so that the equipment can safely and efficiently salt and/or plow your street. This is strongly requested for all cul-de-sacs.

Please understand that the snow that is plowed in front of your driveway is not done intentionally; the angle of the plow is such to safely and efficiently clear the street resulting in the snow being pushed to the curb line. The City also asks that residents and private contractors not shovel snow onto a public street.

Should you have any questions, email Rob Nicolls (Public Works Director) or call 513-821-3503